Dear fellow Pirat Sailors and Competitors!

We hope that this letter finds you well and, in great health.

On behalf of the 2023 Pirat European Championship Organizing Team and the Hungarian Pirat Class Association, we hereby share some useful information regarding the following topics:

  1. Hungarian Open Pirat Class Championship
  2. 2023 EUROSAF Pirat European Championship


1. The Hungarian Pirat Class Association together with Balatoni Yacht Club as the Organizing Authority invite you to participate at the Hungarian Open Pirat Class Championship and International Regatta taking place in Alsóörs (Lake Balaton) from 26 to 30 July, 2023.

As you know the Hungarian Pirat Class has quite an important fleet and it would be an honor for us to compete with you on the tricky waters of Lake Balaton. This regatta will be sailed on the very same surface of water as the 2023 Pirat European Championship in September this year, so it should be an excellent training event for anyone willing to participate in the Europeans.

Attached please find the Notice of Race of the Hungarian Open Championship for your kind information.

If you are considering to participate at the regatta, please send an e-mail to: and the organizers will contact you with further information.

If you have any questions or need more information please contact Eva Rövid, Balatoni Yacht Club (;

2. There are less than 3 months to go until the European Championship kicks off in Csopak, Hungary. The Hungarian Pirat Class Association, the International Pirat Class Association the Hungarian Sailing Federation, the European Sailing Federation, together with the Procelero Sport Club (PSC) as the Organizing Authority invite you to participate at the 2023 EUROSAF Pirat European Championship taking place in Csopak (Lake Balaton) from 17th to 23th of September, 2023.

First we would like to encourage all, to pay a visit to the following website (Kalóz Európa Bajnokság 2023. szeptember 17-23. | Pirat), which is the official website of the Hungarian Pirat Class Association. Detailed information will be provided here about the event, i.e. Notice of Race of the 2023 EUROSAF Pirat European Championship, etc.
Secondly, for your interest, by clicking on this link (2023 EUROSAF PIRAT European Championships manage2sail) you can scroll through the list of the participants of the 2023 Pirat European Championship, who have already signed up for the event. We would be pleased to see that the spaces are filling up soon, as we are keen to welcome the new as well as the familiar teams among the participants.

To hype the niveau of the European Championships even more, please read the following information carefully:

We’d like to inform you that thanks to our main sponsor Festina Watches, the podium winners are going to receive really special limited edition watches, which were specifically designed for the Pirat European Championship. Technical details can be find here: ( In case you’re not sure if you’ll make it to the podium, there’s no need to worry, as you can also purchase these watches.

At present, you can place your pre-orders, and we’ll be able to hand over the watches at the beginning of the European Championship.

Apart from having this watch being extremely cool, you can also support by your purchase our Class Association and the organization of the regatta. The price of the watch with the Pirat logo, with laser engraving on the caseback in a special gift box is 85.000 HUF or €240.

Please, place your pre-order here on this page ( by filling out the pre- order form.

Important: we can provide the watches in the order of your applications.

Let us share some thoughts about the possible accommodations for the time of the race.

  • Holiday Hotel Csopak ( is a prestigious hotel located only 5 minutes walking distance from the Procelero Sport Club. It provides all the desired comfort one would need, additionally the location of the hotel is absolutely fantastic.
    Only one problem with this hotel is that normally it would be closed during the period of the European Championship. After negotiating with the management, we have their promise to re-open it for us, in case of a reservation of at least 40 double rooms in total from the 17th to the 23th of September. The cost of the rooms should be 20.000 HUF or about 54€ per night per room, without breakfast. Please contact us in case of your interest, to see if we can reach the desired 40 reservations.
  • There is a parking lot inside of the club’s territory, which is ideal for recreational vehicles, as there is electricity provided. More details follow.
  • The third option is the Camping in Csopak (Csopaki Üdülőfalu – Várjuk önt is Csopakon – Érdeklődés: +36 20 240 3894, which is located near to the Procelero Sport Club.

Apart from all that, you can find countless options in the area, to put your head down for the night

An important request from the Organizing Authority: When trensfering the entry fee to the Procelero SE bank account, please make sure that the whole sum arrive to the Club, as in some cases the bank handling costs of about 10,- € were deducted, and that will leave a hole in our budget.

To sum it all up, we hope that we provided useful information about the races, prices and accommodations. We are constantly preparing and working on every major and minor detail of the race, to make the experience unforgettable for all the competitors. In the following weeks, we’ll keep you updated, by sending out such emails, to enhance the communication.

Looking forward to meet you at Lake Balaton